Nov 142018

When I woke up I felt pretty good and then my nose exploded. So this cold isn’t done yet, I just entered phase two. Didn’t feel well all day.

So no writing yet again because I just didn’t have the energy. I did go to the health food store and the optician and the supermarket and afterwards I just wanted to lie down for the rest of the day but I couldn’t. Those are the wonders of being self-employed.

My husband had planned to make chicken, potatoes, peas and carrots but when I came back home he was cleaning and peeling black salsifies from the garden (Schwarzwurzeln in German, I had to look the word up). Which took longer than expected. The boy had lunch with his grandmother, so we ate alone:

IMG 1968

The blob in the front is sauce. It didn’t like sitting around fifteen minutes before being eaten.

Then I taught all the students all afternoon. Then I went to bed early. Skipped another webinar. I’m thinking rest is more important than information at this point.

My sleep was a little disturbed by sinus issues. Fun!

Today I’m hoping for a little more energy, we’ll see how that goes. Definitely no run, and probably no podcast-recording tomorrow.

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