Nov 112018

I slept until the alarm even though I went to bed early, seems I needed it.

I woke up with a sore throat, with some pressure on my sinuses and feeling pretty hot. I’m not running a fever but I’m definitely warmer than usual. (It’s actually weird for me to not be cold all the time, by the way.)

So no running. I thought I’d just do nothing and write all day. Which turned into doing nothing and reading all day. Hmpf.

The boy showed up late for breakfast and then we talked about school and what classes he should take next year and such for an hour.

We made delicious food for lunch, pasta with salsiccia and leek. The leek came from our garden:

IMG 1964


After lunch I took an actual nap and then I just stayed in bed. Then watched ‚Doctor Who‘ with the boy. Wrote not enough words and went to bed early.

I’m really hoping that I’ll feel better today instead of worse. We’ll se how that goes.

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