Nov 092018

It’s awful. It was fun but I knew it was a bad idea. So the day before I didn’t write a single word because I didn’t make myself do it in the morning and in the evening I decided to buy not one, but two new romance novels and then I stayed up late finishing number one and starting number two.

Guess what I did yesterday?

Finished book number two. The books in question are „Goodbye Paradise“ and „Hello Forever“, both by Sarina Bowen. Whose books I always read right through without stopping.

So I shouldn’t buy them when attempting NaNo.

Since that meant the second night in a row with way less sleep than I need it also meant that my energy only lasted until about lunchtime yesterday.

I woke up at five, tried falling asleep again, had a late breakfast, skipped meditation, did manage to do 20 minutes of strength training, helped make salad and leftovers for lunch and that was basically it for the day.

IMG 1963

I had a few students to teach and while I would have loved to do some writing, not only on my poor novel but also on my sadly neglected newsletter, it was clear that I was just too tired for it.

So I skipped the 9 pm webinar and turned the lights out early.

Of course, I will make up for two lost days easily. No problem.

Sometimes I’m really going on my own nerves. Yes, the books were great and I had fun reading them but it would ultimately been much better if I had spread them out over three days instead of 1 1/2 and had done what I promised myself to do.

I’m hoping to do better today. As I always do.

Today there will be cleaning, writing (for real), maybe practice, a lot of teaching, going out for lunch with my husband and waiting for the boy to return home in the evening. I don’t think we’ll watch ‚Doctor Who‘ I’m expecting him to be too tired for that.

And then the weekend. I decided to skip the spinning meeting in favor of more writing.

Yeah, I’m finding myself hysterical as well…

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