Nov 082018

Went to bed after midnight without flossing or washing my face and woke up at five. Of course. I did try to go back to sleep with no success.

No writing in the morning but I made good use of the time between my breakfast and that of my husband by calculating horizontal bust darts for my cardigan. Which meant I could knit said darts while my husband was eating breakfast.

Then I left right away for an appointment with my optician to check the test lenses I got. The whole thing isn’t over yet, I’ll get another lens to test next week or so. I could really do with the glasses/contact lenses stuff all sorted by now. Once we have hit the right lenses I still need new reading glasses to wear with those. And then I hope I’ll be set for a few years again.

The appointment went quickly and I went to the health food store while I was out. Then I came back and went for my run:

IMG 1957

Glorious fall weather.

IMG 1958

IMG 1959

It’s funny how you can take a picture on my run that’s all nature and then your turn a bit to the right and there is civilization right there. With the inevitable construction. We are living in an area of Germany where more and more people are moving because there’s work to be had here. Now, housing is a different question.

I was totally set on running most of the time today but broke down again around the halfway mark and walked most of the way back. My husband has told me that he thinks that stretch of the run has to go downhill because he is always getting his fastest time per kilometer there. Well, for me that’s usually the slowest part of the run so I’m guessing – not downhill. (I could look at my Fitbit and see the elevation. I only never thought of it before.)

Came back home and only helped very little with lunch. Lunch was so good that I took seconds:

IMG 1961

Then I had planned to start writing right away but instead I fell into a bit of a slump, ordered some birthday and Christmas presents and did some other organizational stuff. Then I finally did the lunch dishes and practiced before I started teaching.

In my mind I only had a student or two but then I realized that I have a new student now and that another prospective student was scheduled as well. Things are looking up!

After work I changed into pajamas right away so that there wouldn’t be any danger of me falling asleep fully clothed again and gave in to temptation, bought a new romance book and read it all the way through.

Today there will be a pretty slow day as far as I can see from here, I’m planning to do a little strength training again, and teach a few students and start catching up with NaNo.

I’m also starting to miss the boy a little. Tomorrow will be my regular busy Friday but without pizza. Instead my husband and I will go out for lunch. The boy should be back in the evening again. I’m looking forward to that.

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