Nov 042018

Woke up rather early, procrastinated on writing again. Yes, I’m finding this rather boring as well.

Had breakfast, published the podcast. (It turned out that I hadn’t really published the blog post and audio version because I forgot to put the post from ‚draft‘ to ‚publish‘, sorry, should all be sorted now.)

My husband wanted to make shrimp risotto but we were out of shrimp so I went to the grocery store. We also needed bananas and yoghurt. Then I went for a run but because I was already so hungry I mostly walked. Well, I’m counting it as exercise anyway:

IMG 1945

IMG 1947

Then I helped to make risotto. I have to say, cooking from things we bought at the store is usually way less work than starting with something from the garden, even if I didn’t lift a finger in growing it:

IMG 1948

It tasted great. There is an egg on there because the boy needs some protein as well.

Then I knitted a bit and read. I finished „The Bullet Journal Method“ and I really liked it. It might be better as a reference book than as something you read all the way through, though.

Then I watched a video from the „Unstoppable Artist Summit“. Very entertaining, and helpful. Of course all of that was just procrastinating about writing again.

I did manage two writing session in the afternoon, though, with a total of 1,600 words which made me only 2,000 words behind on NaNoWriMo.

Then the boy and I watched some Star Trek. Excellent episode of „Deep Space Nine“ again. Then my husband needed to vent for a bit. And then I wrote a little more.

Today there will be more writing and some yoga (I hope). I’m also reasonably sure that there will be some last-minute presentation panic by the boy and some packing panic for his upcoming trip. So I should keep the late afternoon and evening free for that.

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