Oct 262018

I woke up from the alarm – as expected after going to bed around midnight. Managed to get up on time after writing the blog post. While eating my thoughts went to the main task for the day, working on our music teaching website.

I did feel rather overwhelmed yet again and then decided to just google „how to set up a music teacher website“. Tada, helpful information. And I already did the first few steps because we already do have a website.

Still, the overwhelm didn’t really go away and so I looked around how I could learn more about web design. And almost signed up for yet another course. My husband was near furious. „Would you stop trying to take classes already? You keep hoping that one of them helps you and then you sit here complaining that you didn’t learn anything because you already knew all of that. You should be teaching courses, not taking them.“

„But I don’t know anything about design. This could make things much easier.”

He wasn’t having it. Then I read through the lesson plan and had to give up. He was right. The first fifteen lessons or so were things I already had done or knew how to do and the only things I didn’t already have information on were SEO and one other thing I don’t remember. No need to take a 20-hour class just for that part.

Then I went for a run:

IMG 1910

IMG 1912

The weather was much more beautiful than anticipated and I really loved the run. I was rather slow, though, I’m blaming my legs being sore from strength training the day before.

Came home to lunch being almost ready:

IMG 1913

Very Bavarian.

Then I sat around and did some more research on how to prettify our website, finally took a shower, did the dishes, took some photos of my piano, guitar and ukulele (for the website again), did my singing and piano warmup and taught my students.

My husband’s last student had canceled so he decided to go and see and concert after all. One of his bass amps and speakers would be on stage even. He has started to lend out some of his equipment to the society for improvised music we belong to.

Meanwhile the boy and I watched the last episode of season two of „Deep Space Nine“. Excellent episode and the start of the war with the Dominion.

I still had some writing to do because my head had been all with the website all day long. Not easy.

Today there will be cleaning and pizza-making and strength training and phone calls and email and errands.

And then fall break.

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