Oct 242018

I blame not writing the day before. Yep. Not at all. Which made me rather cranky as usual.

I woke up at 5.38 and started reading. When the wifi turned on at 6 I immediately downloaded the sequel to one of the books I finished the night before. (I actually finished two books that day, first my main read for two days, then something I had stopped reading halfway through and then that had a big cliffhanger so I got the next one from Kindle Unlimited.)

And I got the „Bullet Journal Method“ book. I’m really looking forward to that one but first I have to finish the two novels I started in the past two days and the two non-fiction books I am actively reading. Keeping up with what books I have read or not and when is becoming quite the chore at the moment. Oh, and one of my library wishlist books became available and I’ll have to return another Moomin book in a few days.

So yeah, more reading than writing yesterday.

I finished ripping the big fat pi shawl back and am now the proud owner of four balls of yarn again. (The fourth one is not pictured. I put it aside because that is the yarn I made after I had run out of the original spinning fiber and that yarn is not as nice as this one so I’m hoping to be able to make the cardigan without it.)

IMG 1906

Next up I’ll skein and wash them. I forgot to take my Fitbit off for yarn-winding and ended up logging 6,000 steps while sitting at the kitchen table.

I talked to my husband for an hour about friendships and people and all kinds of things, then I went off to the health food store. We made lunch:

IMG 1907

Yummy. Chickpeas, eggplant (last ones from the yard), tomato sauce (from the yard as well), bulgur and feta cheese.

Then I sat at the kitchen table procrastinating and tore myself away just in time to start teaching. Non-stop teaching until dinnertime.

The boy needed to stay off social media for a day for school so every time I wanted to talk to him I couldn’t use my phone to text him but would have had  to climb the stairs instead. (His English teacher apparently was very impressed by Jaron Lanier’s TED talk about how social media controls our behavior and told them if the whole class stayed of social media for a day they would write one less English test. Me, I’m thinking the whole approach is less than ideal but since none of us wants the boy to lie to his teacher he had to spend the day listening to music, reading books and studying Latin. (He need to learn 500 words of vocabulary until tomorrow. Yeah. I thought so too.))

So I got myself ready for bed early. No writing because I fell asleep before.

Today there will be running if I manage to squeeze it in before the piano tuner shows up (he is notoriously late but not reliably so) and a little teaching and tonight I’ll go to the parent Stammtisch. So I better get some more writing in before lunchtime…

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