Oct 232018

Woke up a little early but didn’t even attempt to write.Got up in time, had breakfast with the boy, procrastinated a bit.

When my husband had breakfast I started ripping the pi shawl back. I want to knit the yarn into a cardigan. Did a huge pile of dishes with all the pots because the night before the boy had taken a shower at the time that I would have wanted to do the dishes and then it was too late for me.

Went running:

IMG 1900

Not all that idyllic at the moment.

IMG 1901

Then I helped with making lunch:

IMG 1903

Then some more procrastination, a nap (I am experimenting with napping after lunch at the moment.) a shower, more dishes and then I had an idea. I have been wanting to make a certain cowl for months now but I didn’t have the right yarn. And last Saturday at the yarn shop I didn’t find the right yarn either. I talked with Laura of Wollkanal and that made me realize that I can spin for it. Of course!

I looked through my fiber stash and while I did find some fiber I could use there wasn’t enough of it.Today I did connect the dots and remembered how happy Laura had been about her dum carder. Duh. I could card different fibers together and that would also take care of the ugly neon colors and the fiber feeling flat. So I pulled out the fiber:

IMG 1904

I will card the dark blue merino together with the black BFL and the turquoise with some of the BFL as well. That should make everything fluffy, interesting and give me enough yarn.

It will also mean that this project will take ages because I don’t really have the time for it right now but whatever.

I taught my students. I watched ‚Doctor Who‘. I went to bed.

Today there will be errands and the health food store and teaching and I don’t know what else.

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