Oct 202018

Woke up at five. Which was a little too early.

Didn’t write and didn’t work on the podcast but I did read more of the „Atomic Habits“ book. That one is rather excellent.

Made breakfast and enjoyed a toasty kitchen. Yeah for functioning heating.

Since I had so many things to do I started by doing none of them, of course.

I talked with my husband, cleaned the house a little, took a shower and helped making pizza. Unfortunately, I was way too late with helping to cook which derailed lunch considerably and made my husband somewhat cross. The fact that the boy came home half an hour later than usual didn’t help. (He was talking to a friend. The friend’s mother had already started calling around, apparently. We weren’t worried yet because the two of them always come home late on Thursdays and Fridays.)

I did the dishes in a hurry and started panicking because I still hadn’t written a single word and hadn’t done anything on the podcast.

I taught my students. Since the last one canceled I used that time to get the audio podcast in order and write show notes. I had taken project pictures after before lunchtime so I could put them in as well.

Then the boy and I watched an episode of „Deep Space Nine“ and ate leftover pizza. He was in a rather talkative mood then. Which I do enjoy but I still wanted to get more stuff done. So we compromised.

I worked on the novel a bit and started putting the audio and video together. I’m hoping to get that done this morning but it isn’t looking good.

Today will be even more busy than yesterday. I want to write, run 8k and get ready to meet a podcast listener (and podcaster – I am really looking forward to this). And all of that before 11.30. Might get a little tight. I also am having a hard time to decide on a purse and outfit. Do I want to wear my new handmade cardigan or do I want to go for the all handmade, all purple outfit? Do I look like a crazy person in any of them? (I’m guessing yes.) Will I be totally miserable and too warm wearing the cardigan? Or will I shiver all day in the purple dress? Do I take a purse that can carry everything including a knitting project, a spinning project, my jacket, a shawl, cardigan and fingerless mittens plus eventual yarn that I need to buy because I’ll be visiting a yarn shop? Or do I go with the cute handmade purse that is lightweight and can be carried as a backpack but just barely holds the essentials and a sock-in-progress?

I know, this is ridiculous. Also, completely irrelevant.

Know thyself, they say. Bigger purse it is. When I’m feeling insecure I like to have all the things with me, even if that means my shoulder hurts all day from carrying them.

I’ll leave the ebook reader at home and just take my phone. Yep. Much lighter. (Remember the one hour train ride. There will be train chaos in Munich today again. There is construction on the main line that runs all the way through the city. That will be fun.)

I already got my ticket and looked up the connection and how to get to the yarn shop. Of course.

I’ll try and get the podcast out as soon as I can but if things go sideways it might be tomorrow. Sorry.

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