Oct 162018

I woke up from my alarm, did not write first thing (I should stop writing about this because I never do, don’t I?) and promptly forgot to take my thyroid medication.

Lounged in bed with my computer for an hour, then took my medicine and so the whole morning was a little later than I would have liked. Great morning, though, I finished reading Jim Butcher’s „Brief Cases“. It’s really great, highly recommended. Well, if you like the Dresden Files.

I had breakfast, my husband showed up, we did the dishes, I went for a run:

IMG 1877

I don’t think I’m getting any better (though today I ran/walked a whooping 8.30 minutes/kilometer) but the running is more fun than it used to. There were a few moments in there where I didn’t even want to stop and walk. Progress!

I took a shower, got a message from the boy that he was safely sitting on his train, and helped making lunch. Yummy, yummy Indian food:

IMG 1879

I had started to look up what to do if the boy missed his train. He had one of those cheaper train tickets that require taking a specific train. And if you miss that you have to buy a completely new train ticket. And he didn’t have enough money with him for that. I decided that if it were necessary I could buy a ticket online and send him the order number to load it into his phone.

But he didn’t miss the train.

I was perfectly prepared to not get anything done throughout the day but surprised myself by not only doing the dishes right after lunch but also finally writing for twenty minutes before meeting the boy at the station. Phew. Day 23 of my #100daysofwriting.

He actually told me a bit about the past few days which is pretty unusual. Maybe catching him right when he came back was the key. I bought him a piece of cake and he proceeded to tell me all about methods of encrypting data. Not that I understood a word of it. And about what he did while away. And then we talked about the state elections at length. I even had bought a newspaper which I never do. Now I still need to read it.

Then I finally started my teaching day.

Only three students later I helped the boy choose and print a picture for art class in school, and then he reheated the lunch leftovers and we sat down and watched the new Doctor Who episode. I have to say it is really good, brilliant even, I am enjoying it tremendously. So much fun!

Then I came back into the old part of the house, wanting to get ready for bed, brush my teeth and write a bit more.

Well, I was greeted by a mountain of dirty dishes and there was a nice note on the kitchen table, „Hand up laundry, please.“ Well, it was me who wrote that note and we leave it out whenever one of us has started a load so that we don’t forget.

So dishes it was and hanging up laundry.

And then I started this post and wrote some more words on the novel. Not quite the 4,000 I would need in order to finish it before NaNoWriMo.

I wasn’t too disappointed about that.

Today there will be a trip to the health food store, and to the optician for another set of test lenses. And quite a bit of teaching but not as much as last Tuesday. And then the monthly Orna Ross webinar for creative entrepreneurs.

I’n guessing writing in between, no sewing, and no strength training.

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  1. oh, ich bin noch bei White nights. Sollte mal weiter hören, aber die Iron Druid Chronicles kommen mir immer dazwischen

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