Oct 132018

I woke up from the alarm, still not feeling like my usual self but throughout the day I started feeling much better. Phew.

I didn’t write in the morning at all but I did start sewing the buttons to my handspun Cria cardigan. I’m getting faster at this, I managed to attach more than half the buttons before my husband was done with his breakfast.

Then dishes and cleaning and taking a shower.

And then my husband and I went out for lunch to the Greek restaurant he likes. I had fish and he had lamb:

IMG 1867

We can’t really go there together on Fridays with the boy because by the time the boy is finished with school it’s almost time for us to get back home for teaching.

I practiced. I taught quite a few students. I called a maybe new student (one who rang on the door because of our new sign). Then I started this post and got ready for a webinar about breaking bad habits.

I did manage to write a bit after that but not nearly enough to finish the novel until the end of the month. Which was a pretty ridiculous plan from the start and has become even more ridiculous with each passing day. I should just give up on doing NaNoWriMo this year. Not that I don’t want to write 50,000 words in November, only those 50,000 words should probably be part of the novel-in-progress.

Today there will be running and leftover soup for lunch because my husband is meeting a friend in Munich and then I’ll leave for the spinning meeting. Writing will have to be squeezed into odd corners of the day.

Busy weekend ahead.

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