Sep 272018

I woke up from the alarm again. Seems I’m sleeping like a log again. I’m blaming the cold.

I did not write first thing in the morning yet again.

The boy had to leave ten minutes earlier than usual for school but that didn’t make a difference to me. I started writing after he left and 400 words later my short story was finished. Woohoo!

My husband showed up while I was looking for typos with Grammarly.

Then I knitted some more on the cowl.This is taking longer than I want it to. But I’m still harnessing the energy of wanting to start a new project to finish the old one. Feels good.

I went running:

IMG 1811

It was beautiful and sunny but really, really cold.

IMG 1812

IMG 1813

It’s becoming a bit challenging to find interesting views on my run because I’m taking the exact same route every time.

When I came home there was still a lot of time until lunch so I wrote some more and started the second novel in the Eva Mandel-series. I have decided to finish three books before publishing. That also gives me more time to learn how to actually publish a book, make covers and such. Well, in theory.

We had chili for lunch. I was so hungry that I forgot to take the pictures before starting to eat:

IMG 1814

The day before I found that I was stumped on making the website for our music lessons better by not having nice pictures to put on it. I kept trying different looks for the website and only when everything looked bad did I realize that I needed more and better pictures. Since I talked about that issue with my husband he then immediately started brainstorming and decided that we should take pictures of him teaching the very same afternoon. His student was willing if a little surprised so that’s what we did.

Then I taught a student and afterwards I started sewing. I have now sewn the sleeves into the bodice. This might become an actual summer dress some time in the next few weeks.

Then I attended another webinar. I got a lot of spinning done while watching. And then, because I was sitting right there, I watched a video about doing a book launch. I took more than a page of notes so I guess that was a good use of my time.

Then it was time for the boy to practice piano, and I retired to bed because it’s the only place that’s actually warm. I am really looking forward to our furnace guy being back from his summer vacation and taking care of our heating. We could turn the heating on in the old part of the house but there is a leak in the annex.

It is supposed to get a little warmer again the next few days, so we’ll see. I guess we’ll use the wood stove over the weekend.

The zucchini plants have died last night because it was almost freezing. Or maybe it was freezing. Something like that. The whole living room-to-be is full of chili plants, by the way. Poor things.

In bed I wrote in my journal and decided to celebrate my finished story by playing a game on my phone.

I might have made plans to finish the next novel in time to start the third one for NaNoWriMo. Which is totally crazy because it would involve writing close to 3,000 words a day, every day. When I was writing the last novel I was averaging 482 words per day, by the way. But that’s only about twelve minutes of my time every day, which isn’t a lot.

We’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted. I do love a challenge but I don’t like to do too much and crash.

So. Today I will fetch my bike from the shop and hopefully remember to pick up a new inflator. Then I will buy ground beef (and maybe chocolate, shhh) at the health food store and go to the pharmacy. And then I’ll do the grocery shopping, will be too late to help making lunch (Leberkas an potato salad). Then it will be time to sew a little, I will teach a student, finally practice a little (I really need to get back into the groove with making music), teach some more and then I will be totally spent and exhausted.

Sounds like a plan.

Oh, and it’s my father’s birthday today. I shouldn’t forget that.

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