Sep 252018

Woke up from the alarm, lounged in bed and got up a little late.

Had breakfast with the boy who also lounged in bed and got up a little late. That always stresses me a bit because I don’t know if he is just procrastinating or if he is actually oversleeping. Since I’m a little tired of reminding him about breakfast every morning he suggested that he should send me a message around seven, telling me that he is already up.

I would totally love that. We’ll see if he remembers.

I did manage to do my writing right after breakfast which is always wonderful and a great start into the day.

Talked with my husband, did the dishes, packed up the birthday present for my father and sent it off. Which included a 2k walk because the mailbox nearest to our house doesn’t exist anymore, so I had to go into the other direction, all the way to the main post office.

Then running/walking. My back and hip are hurting so I was careful and slow. I am seeing more yoga in my future. But I enjoyed the run nonetheless:

IMG 1802

IMG 1803

Then we made lunch which was especially delicious:

IMG 1805

More dishes and actually a bit of sewing. Then teaching.

In between my husband tried hanging up the new sign advertising our music lessons and all kinds of things went wrong, as usual. It is a little bent but it is hanging – progress!

I had planned to write a little more in the evening but instead I wrote a letter to the boy’s school for permission to skip school for three days so he can go to a seminar-thing. And we had to discuss his wardrobe and what he can wear for the class picture tomorrow.

It was really, really cold yesterday (and will be as cold today) so while I did do the dishes after that I then went straight to bed. Warmest place in the house.

Today there will be errands (I want to get a new light for my bike), the health food store, writing, music, and all the usual. No sewing today because I have quite a lot of students. There are plans of doing a little strength training in the evening.

This will be a long day.

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