Sep 242018

I slept and slept and slept, I think I even dozed a little after six.

So I slightly late breakfast at 7.30 and some knitting, talking to my husband, the boy was up on time for once which was a nice surprise, then dishes and such and I did some yoga. First time in ages and it did me a load of good. I have had hip and back pain again lately and it feels like the yoga helped with that.

Then an easy lunch of gemelli bolognese with a big salad:

IMG 1800

Then dishes again, and some laundry. I sang and then, instead of sewing or writing, I finished watching a video that I have been watching in bits and pieces all week. I did spin a little while watching it so that was good.

Then I started packing my father’s birthday present, I inked one of my fountain pens, then it was time for watching Star Trek.

I did write but only in the evening. I do prefer doing it in the morning but for that I need to finish breakfast early enough.

Today there will be running and sewing and teaching. Just a normal Monday. I hope.

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