Sep 142018

I actually slept until my alarm went off at six. I then walked around in a slight haze for the rest of the day. As one does after several nights of not enough sleep followed by one restful night. So my plan continues to turn the lights out before ten, better before 9.30.

I did not write first thing in the morning which made writing much harder that day,

I did go to the grocery store and then to the health food store again and we’re now all stocked up.

We made paella for lunch:

IMG 1757

Definitely not authentic paella, just our own approximation but very yummy.

In the afternoon I wasted two hours. I’m not quite sure where they went, them I sang a bit and taught some students. One student didn’t show up and later it turned out that he had not been able to figure out how to open our new garden gate. I had left it open before the first student came but he must have closed it behind him. Poor student. I’m hoping to re-schedule.

The sign advertising our music lessons is also taking shape, a friend offered to help us with it and so we now have something we are rather happy with. I’ll figure out how to attach it to our fence and then I’ll order the sign. Soon. (I want to know if the size I want works with our fence before spending the money on an actual physical thing.)

At the end of the day the boy got a short piano lesson and then we did some very short strength training.

I wrote some. I wrote „The End!“

Bildschirmfoto 2018 09 13 um 18 58

I regretted that I hadn’t put any champagne in the fridge in the morning and then decided to leave the champagne for today. A good start into the weekend.

I drew another picture and had a beer. I went to bed.

Today there will be the cutting of my husband’s hair, the cleaning, and a lot of teaching. I want to start writing a new story. Then Star Trek. And then the weekend.

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