Sep 112018

Thank you all for reading this. I hope there are still a few of you left.

I started this exactly a year ago. On September 11th I decided to give daily blogging a try. My goal was always to do it for a whole year. And I did. I know that there is no Day 6 post but you have to believe me that there was and that the blogging software ate it.

So. Yesterday.

I woke up late at 6.30 and had a rather lazy morning. I did manage my ten minutes of writing first thing, so that was good. But I need to speed my morning routine up again starting today because school is on.

I finished knitting the Cria sweater and went for a 6.44k-run:

IMG 1750

And helped to make chili for lunch and forgot to take the picture before taking the first bite:

IMG 1751

And I wrote an email to our web hosting provider about my husband’s blog and worked on that blog for an hour but finally managed to get it up and going again, yeah!

And I taught four students and did some work on marketing for our music lessons and did a short round of strength training.

The boy and I watched some more Star Trek because it wasn’t exactly a school night for him.

Today will be his first day as a tenth grader and I will run errands and teach and write some more.

And I think I’ll keep on writing here daily for now. It suits me.

  6 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 365: I did it! One year of daily posts”

  1. Feuerwerk und Konfetti! Ein Jahr täglich bloggen, das nenne ich eine erfolgreiche Routine (selbst beim Zähne putzen gibt es bei mir ein bis drei Ausnahmen pro Jahr).

    • Danke. Und wegen des Zähneputzens: Ich bin immer ganz erleichtert, dass andere Leute auch Probleme mit diesen alltäglichen Dingen haben. Das mit dem Zähneputzen habe ich inzwischen zwar ausnahmslos im Griff, aber es war ein langer Prozess bis dahin.

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! 🙂

  3. Gratulation! Ich habe sie alle gelesen!

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