Sep 092018

Woke up around five and dozed a bit. Read for 90 minutes.

Breakfast. No writing, again. Knitting. I did finish the body of the cardigan-in-progress and started the first pocket.

Then I found that my video hadn’t uploaded throughout the night and started the upload again. Did the dishes and such and waited for the video. Went running at 11.30 which is way too late. 9,66 kilometers. It was nice and I was pretty pleased but my legs were a little sore in the afternoon:

IMG 1741

IMG 1744

When I came back it was time for lunch and the kitchen was a disaster area. We had had leftover pizza, so of course my husband made this:

IMG 1745

And this:

IMG 1746

Basically, I came back from my run and began frantic chopping and stuffing.

We did the dishes right away (bonus points!) and then I sat down on the kitchen bench and didn’t get up for an hour. I have now successfully completed two of the four alternative endings for „The Room Three“. I find that game highly enjoyable. I’m also rather happy for walkthroughs because otherwise I would have thrown the towel in frustration at some point.

Then I finally took a shower and did my toenails and told everybody that the podcast was up and then it was time to watch Star Trek.

I did go to bed at a reasonable time at least.

Today I will achieve everything I had planned for summer break. Of course.

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