Sep 082018

For once I slept in until 6.30. So, no writing before breakfast again.

My mother-in-law went to the doctor first thing because of her almost fainting the evening before, and the boy was so nice to walk her there. Nobody knows what happened yet, everything looks normal, even her blood pressure but she’ll have some more tests at the beginning of the week. It might just have been dehydration (pretty likely) or low blood sugar (not as likely).

I did manage to clean the house which was good, and helped to make pizza.

IMG 1740

The boy had lunch with his grandmother.

I spent all afternoon getting the podcast ready for publication. It turned out that the video recording had a glitch around minute 6 where it didn’t record for a few seconds but the audio recording had everything. No idea what happened there. It took me ages to find out what was wrong, I lined up the audio and video and then when I watched the end the two were out of sync all of a sudden.

In the end, the only thing I could do with a reasonable amount of time spent was to cut out a bit of the audio. So there is a blip on the video. And I have no idea why that happened.

All of that meant no writing in the afternoon and no strength training. The boy and I did watch Star Trek, though, and he took a break in the middle to help his grandmother move laundry upstairs.

We had planned to got to that medieval market/tournament-thing today but last night – after a lot of thought – we decided not to. Spending a whole afternoon on this seemed a bit too much. And we’d both rather see something more authentic.

I am still waffling a little but also relieved because one of these days I’d really like to move the writing forward. And sit down at the sewing machine.

After watching Netflix I helped my husband make apple chutney from the very few apples from our garden, then it became clear that the video would take hours to get uploaded to Youtube and I went to bed early.

Today I want to run, write, and maybe do strength training after all. There will be mushroom pizza for lunch because we made more yesterday so that the boy and I could have a very early lunch before leaving.

So, a rather low-key Saturday, just as we like it around here.

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