Sep 072018

Woke up around 5.30 again, determined to write and do things and failed right away.

My husband was up later than usual and maybe not in the best mood. He is having the „end of summer break“-doldrums complete with the „I was not able to work on my music yesterday“- and the „I  just looked around and realized what state the house is in“-doldrums. Fun!

Why yes, I am having my usual „end of summer break“-crisis as well.

I talked with the boy quite a bit again, this time about the start of school and our plans for the weekend He had forgotten that we had planned to go out for sushi that day and asked if he could have lunch with his grandmother. I told him that yes, he could, but that he’d probably like sushi better.

I went grocery shopping and forgot the all important parmesan and feta. The boy and I had sushi and I shockingly forgot to take a picture for the blog. The boy and I got some cheese.

Then I finished preparations for the podcast and recorded it. Right in the middle my husband decided that mowing the lawn right in front of my window would be a good idea. I really hope the lawn mower can’t be heard on the recording but if so, well, it can’t be helped.

After the recording my husband and I talked a bit and then we did some more tidying and such and then the boy and I watched Star Trek.

Right in the middle my husband came in, telling us that his mother had almost fainted while out in the garden talking to him. My husband helped her upstairs, and the boy checked on her every thirty minutes or so. She didn’t want him to sleep in her living room. I have to say that as lazy as he often can be he never hesitates in helping her in situations like this.

She has trouble with her blood pressure but took her emergency drops so we are hoping that everything will be fine. I did leave my phone on during the night, though.

Somehow I didn’t manage to write anything after that. I also did not make apple chutney even though I had planned to do so in the evening. There was a particularly impressive thunderstorm going on when it was time to go to bed.

On the bright side, I did find out that the next season of „Doctor Who“ is going to start on October 7th and I have already bought the season pass. I am really looking forward to it. Maybe I should rewatch the last season in preparation.

Only three more days before regular teaching again. Well, officially school starts on Tuesday but we always offer our Monday students that they can come in as well, Which usually makes for one of those days where you continually wait for students to show up but you never quite know.

Today is Friday and I will definitely clean the house. Though my husband’s spring cleaning frenzy means that he already did vacuum and mop the annex the day before. Since the house is in such a bad state this will probably take a little longer than usual.

I am also thinking that I should go back to daily 15-minute cleaning sessions for the stuff I usually do on Fridays and also add to that 15 minutes of de-cluttering and deep cleaning. So far I have never managed to do this for more than a day or two in a row. Apart from the beginning of 2004 (I think) when I discovered the Fly Lady system of cleaning.

Right. But first the writing. Then cleaning, and then everything else.

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