Sep 042018

I’m basically starting each day psyching myself up so that I get something done for a change and then I sag into sloth right after lunch. I think I need to change a thing or two.

I woke up super-early, around 4.30, no idea why. Started reading samples on my ebook reader. And then went online. Of course.

Had breakfast at an almost normal time, started reading and knitting, continued knitting while my husband had breakfast.

I finished the second sleeve of my Bria cardigan and spent some time ripping back the body all the way back until all the buttonholes were on the same side again. I had put the cardigan down at one point for a few weeks because I needed to spin more yarn, and when I picked it up again I just assumed I knew which side I was making the buttonholes on. I only found out last week when I laid the cardigan out to take a picture and somehow couldn’t make the buttonholes line up properly.

My dear podcast listeners already gave me a ton of suggestions for fixing this without ripping back but I decided that I don’t really mind knitting it all again. Knitting is straight-forward and can be done without thinking but everything else would involve fiddly bits and a lot of thinking. And it wouldn’t look quite right either.

I did go for a run, at least:

IMG 1727

I was happy that it was not raining at all.

IMG 1728

And then there was lunch:

IMG 1729

Lamb burgers and roasted potatoes and the last green beans and some carrots and fried eggplant and bell peppers (all veggies including the potatoes from our garden).

And that was mostly it for the day. I did try to repair my husband’s blog yet again in vain, I played „The Room Three“ for more than an hour (it is an excellent game but maybe not the best use of my time, then I decided that the boy and I should watch Star Trek early, and then I turned out to be rather tired.

So. Today there will be more running (not that much, really) and my husband will be having his teeth cleaned and I will go to the health food store and teach a student. And do everything I didn’t get done yesterday. Of course.

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