Aug 292018

So it turned out there was some breakfast for me after all, my husband had some more bread and such squirreled away so when I complained about my lack of breakfast he pulled out something I could eat. So for once we had breakfast together. And the boy did join us almost on time.

Then I went for a short run which was pretty pleasant. I’m not back into my routines yet so I didn’t take any pictures.

Then I rode my bike to the big grocery store, helped make lasagna for a bit, walked to the health food store, had lunch:

IMG 1711

Took a quick shower, taught my two students, spent some time on the internet, got my pictures off the SD card and onto the computer, tried calling my parents on the phone (busy signal, that’s one of the things I really dislike about the phone), did some very easy strength training, watched a documentary about the history of drugs with my husband and the boy, and then some DS9, had a long, long conversation with my husband and went to bed without having written a single word.

Today there will be more running, and another shower, and something to eat I’m sure and the teaching of two more students (probably). I really hope to get back into the writing groove and I also remembered that I still haven’t written the August newsletter. It is about time methinks.

It seems that the rest of summer break is about to whoosh by in the blink of an eye.

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