Aug 242018

I woke up at 6 after not quite enough sleep and promptly didn’t write. My head was buzzing with everything I still needed to do. Not that that stopped all day.

When making my breakfast I found that the boy had eaten the last of the bread the night before and since we were out of frozen buns and the bread in the freezer wouldn’t have been thawed in time I went out to the bakery. That had the added bonus that I could get some buns for myself to take with me on my trip. So, I decided to take my food with me.

The boy came down at nine which was rather unexpected.

After breakfast and some more talking with my husband, and trying to find out how to buy a ticket for the last leg of my journey I set off on my bike to Munich so I could buy stuff I wanted to have for the trip. After years of longing for a second packing cube and some Nalgene bottles I finally got around to getting some. The outdoor shop was pretty easy to navigate, only they didn’t have any Eagle Creek packing cubes and it took me a long time to decide which one to take instead.

Then I went to the mall on a quest for pantyhose. That was fun. Not. I never go there and find it really overwhelming. It took me ages to walk around and look into all the shops to see if they might have what I wanted.

In the end I went to a drug store. At least it was one that we don’t have here in town. And again I had to decide between dozens of kinds of pantyhose. I mean, what’s the difference between the „Chinchilla“-model and the „Cashmere“-model? At least they had a handy chart on the back that helps you decide which size you need. It has height and weight. I keep forgetting that I need to take pantyhose a size bigger because I have long legs.

Then I sent the boy a message that I’d be home in about half an hour.

When I came back my husband was all worried. It had taken me 45 minutes to bike back. (Half an hour on my way there, by the way.)

I had a late lunch:

IMG 1704

It was very good.

Then I worked on the podcast, sent an email to someone helping us with marketing for our teaching, did all the dishes, and finally packed. There are always so many small moving parts to think of. Which makes me really grateful for my lists.

I probably could leave for a four day trip with just the clothes I’m wearing, toothbrush, wallet and my phone (plus charger) but I prefer not to. (For inspiration on ultra-light packing check out this article about a couple who traveled completely without luggage, this post about a woman who did a weekend trip with just her purse, and this one that I really love about a woman traveling for three weeks with just a purse.)

I can tell you that my luggage will certainly be heavier than that. I will take my iPad with a keyboard and my Kindle and my phone and a big notebook and a change of clothes. Also pajamas and chocolate and a knitting project, a camera, a shawl and an umbrella. Also two water bottles and my lunch.

As I’m writing this I’m still waffling about the ukulele but I did pack the lead sheets as I said.

I might be completely offline for two days or so because I don’t think the B&B has wifi. I’m not sure if I’ll post here or not. I’d like to keep the streak going, only a few more weeks until a year of daily blogging.

I guess you’ll find that out tomorrow.

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