Aug 202018

Woke up from the alarm, and immediately it was clear that this would be a slow day. No meditation, no writing in the morning, nothing.

I had breakfast, talked with my husband, and watched yet another webinar at 10 am this time. It was about „Bright Line Eating“. I had already read the book so there wasn’t anything new sometimes it’s good to hear things twice. I don’t think I will try that program anytime soon. I’m sure that it would work but I just can’t see myself never eating sugar or flour ever again.

Then we spent some time making moussaka and red beet salad:

IMG 1690

It was fabulous and there is enough left for tomorrow. Win win in my book.

Then I spent a lot of time procrastinating, as one does, and then I sat down to tackle the Nintendo repair.

Well. The good thing is that the repair is finished.

The bad thing is that the Nintendo isn’t working anymore. Let’s just say that all those pesky little plastic thingies break easily. I also know which part fell to the floor and ended up in the vacuum. And I either destroyed the ribbon cables or didn’t manage to attach them properly, either or.

So I’m guessing I’m done with that project. My nerves will need some time to calm down now but my desk will be free to be used again for the first time in ages.

The boy went to the cinema with a friend so I had to watch Netflix alone.

I made a nice plan for the upcoming week.

And went to bed on time so that today will go better.

Today there will be all the usual plus a doctor visit to talk about my colonoscopy next week. Fun! And then I get to visit the nicer health food store.

I will pick out glasses tomorrow, record the podcast on Wednesday, mix the podcast and pack on Thursday, and leave for the family reunion on Friday morning.


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