Aug 182018

Woke up from the alarm again. I’m taking that as a sign that I’m going to bed a little too late.

Was online for an hour, had breakfast, did not write. I really need to change this routine.

Waited for my husband to show up and he slept longer than usual as well. It’s funny, him being away for two nights has thrown us mightily.

We talked, I finished a sock and started the second one, the boy showed up too late again but helped me do the dishes. I did most of the weekly cleaning and got showered and ready for lunch.

We went to the nicer Greek place because the sushi and Asian place is on summer break. The food was glorious and the wine very good. Here’s the antipasti (do you still call them antipasti if they are Greek?):

IMG 1677

And Kritharaki with shrimp and tomato sauce for me:

IMG 1678

Zucchini burgers for the boy:

IMG 1679

Fish and calamari for my husband:IMG 1680

Then back home. A little break and then I started working on repairing the Nintendo DS. An hour later I actually figured out how to put the top and bottom back together. Hurray!

Then I taught a surprise singing student. She sent me an email in the morning that she wanted a lesson that afternoon.

Afterwards I worked some more on the Nintendo. I spent more than an hour and still didn’t finish step 45 (of 62). I decided to try again when not as exhausted.

I thought that my webinar would be at 6 but it turned out that my calendar had neglected time zones. The webinar was actually at 8. Which meant that I could watch some Star Trek with the boy. Very good Next Generation episode and a DS9 one that had a really exciting premise and slightly boring execution.

Then the webinar. Then a little writing.

I’ve started the „You can learn how to draw in 30 days“-program again. I did Day 1 and 2 and then couldn’t find the time anywhere in the day for three days in a row. This morning I decided to do the exercise in the morning instead of in the evening, Which was a very promising idea. I opened my sketchbook, wrote „Day 3“, the date and the time, started researching pencils and erasers, and then the boy showed up for his breakfast. The end.

Today there will be: the rest of the cleaning, running, and in the afternoon we’ll ride our bikes for an hour to meet the improvisation society people for Leberkäs. We’ll see how that goes.

I need to cram everything important into the morning because there will be no afternoon and evening to do things in. We’ll bike and then make small talk.

Let’s just hope that the weather will stay dry until we’re home.

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