Aug 172018

Slow start into the day again. My husband has started to get up later as well which means that everything is late all day. And that throws me off.

To be fair, everything throw me off.

I went to the health food store again because  we didn’t have everything we needed for making lunch and then went to the supermarket afterwards. It was really hot.

We had fabulous lunch and my husband made it with almost no help:

IMG 1674

Then I procrastinated a little by working on the Cria sweater and watching videos about marketing. Then I did some more research about Nintendo DS repair and bought two more books. In my defense they were only 99 cents. Not each but both of them together.

Then I started tackling something that has been bugging me for a year, my brother-in-law’s Ninetendo that has been sitting on my desk in parts for a few weeks now. I finally found a site showing the innards and how to put them apart and I’m hoping that that will be enough to put them together again. I did make progress, found that the hinge that was in there was too big for the new case, used the new one I had bought and managed to thread all those fiddly cables through the hinge. Next up I have to decide which screws on the desk are which. Cross your fingers that I still have them all.

Then the boy and I watched Star Trek while I spun the merino and ate too much chocolate. Definitely room for improvement there.

Then I sat around a bit before I had yet another webinar. About „Your first 10,000 readers“. To be frank, a finished book and one reader would be nice at this point. I should maybe try sitting down and writing one of these days. Unfortunately the webinar was a bust because there were technical difficulties.

Today there will be – writing I hope (but then I always hope for that and hope might not be enough), the cleaning of the house, practice and going out for lunch and another webinar.

Oh, and I got some money so I made an appointment with my optician so I can get new glasses. This has been overdue for about a year now but progressives are a serious investment. I’ve been squinting through my glasses lately, I need stronger reading glasses. I’m not sure if I want new frames I like the old ones fine. But if I get new ones I will have a backup pair. We’ll see.

So things are moving forward but rather slowly.

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