Aug 142018

Woke up at six and for once didn’t spend an hour in bed online first thing.

Made breakfast, read, and decided to go for my run earlier than usual to avoid the worst of the heat:

IMG 1666

The sun was so bright that I couldn’t really see what was on my phone’s screen:

IMG 1667

I came back home before the boy came down for his breakfast. At 10.30. He is supposed to get out of bed at 9.30 by the way…

We talked a little and then I was on my own again. I looked after the garden. Not quite enough for my husband’s high standards, I’m sure, and a few of the tomatoes are looking a little unhappy. I did water them, I swear, and not too much either.

Then I sat down to eat the rest of the potato chips from the night before plus some chocolate and licorice. As one does. This is one of the reasons why it is a very good idea that I am usually living with my husband. Eating properly would be much harder without him. (He basically says the same, by the way, he told me that when I am away he finds it much harder not to snack at night and such.)

This is what I eat when left on my own:

IMG 1668

Why yes, that is pepperoni pizza. Frozen pepperoni pizza. That tastes approximately like cardboard.

The boy went out for Chinese with his grandmother in the meantime.

Then I fell into my usual routine of reading revelry and books while hanging around the kitchen table feeling bad. Until I managed to take a shower and close the greenhouse before the impending rain.

I felt sorry for myself some more, then read some emails, started doing my toenails and forced myself to practice singing, piano, and ukulele. Painted my toenails some more. Started writing this post. Did a great job procrastinating about writing. Finally found instructions to change the hinge on a Nintendo 3DS XL and bookmarked them. Started making a facebook page for our teaching and putting our business into google maps. Realized that I need better pictures for this and stopped. At least I got started.

One hour before the boy and I were supposed to watch Star Trek together I started waiting for the day to be over.

Pulled myself together and did some writing after all.

Ate all the sweets while watching TV but managed to force myself to spin some more of the dreaded burgundy merino.

Went to bed on time with my teeth flossed for a change.

Today I will run a bit, go to the health food store, make lunch, teach two students, and wait for my husband to come home.

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