Aug 122018

Woke up early. I had apparently slept for a whole eight hours during the night.

That didn’t really mean I got a lot of stuff done.

I had a late breakfast and no time to meditate or write before my husband got up. Then I saw that someone had left a message on voice mail.

And that started the day’s chaos.

My husband has been planning to visit a friend in Austria for weeks now. Since that friend doesn’t like planning and is a teacher who is on summer break right now they left talking about days to the last minute.

I had been sitting on the edge of my seat for about three weeks already. Because I’m me. I can tell you which train I’m going to take to my weekend-trip at the and of August.

So they both emailed back and forth and my husband didn’t want to use the phone and so it looks as if he won’t be going at all. Or maybe today. Or tomorrow. Or not at all.

Which is driving me a little crazy.

So there were a lot of slightly upset conversations yesterday, and a lot of waiting, and not much else.

I did manage to get the podcast ready for publication, though. I did not manage to actually publish it because uploading to youtube was very slow and hadn’t finished until bedtime.

Today, though.

I went for my first run in two weeks:

IMG 1662

IMG 1663

We had fish and veggies and baked potatoes for lunch:

IMG 1664

Spent most of the afternoon on the podcast and watched some more Star Trek.

Went to bed at a regular time.

I have almost given up hope of getting anything done until September.

Today I will publish the podcast, finally, and find out if my husband stays home or not.

And then we’ll see.

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