Aug 042018

Woke up half an hour early, had breakfast, talked with my husband but only briefly because I needed to take my shower before going to the doctor.

The doctor (different one than last time) said that my foot is fine and I don’t need to take more antibiotics. I hope she is right. The foot is still painful and a little red but way less than before.

Then I went to the pharmacy to get stuff for the rest of the family, and then to another one because the first one didn’t have what I needed. The second one didn’t have it either but I gave up and had them order the anti-allergy spray.

Went to the health food store. I have been to that store every day this week now. Bad organization.

Went back home, talked briefly with my husband again, found that the boy ran out of his favorite almond creme, started cleaning but had a really slow low-energy day.

We went to the Greek restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately none of us was in a great mood and all of us were super-sensitive to sound and such. There were people talking loudly in the restaurant, in fact, there was a woman three tables behind us who overpowered our conversation.

People were smoking, of course, because we were sitting outside.

The loudspeakers of the restaurant were so high-quality that all you could hear was the high-hat of the music they had put on, and that was just a hissing in the background. Felt like something crawling over my skin. Fun.

Still, the food was good. Sorry that I didn’t take a picture. I had fish. It was very good and I didn’t have to help cooking it and didn’t have to do the dishes afterwards. My poor husband had to drink three ouzos because the waiter just put them on our table. I said I didn’t want one because I can’t drink alcohol at the moment, and the boy certainly didn’t want one but no dice.

At least we did something together and at least we were all affected by the noise in the same way.

We went home again, I sat and read and knit for a while and then I braved the heat again to walk to the pharmacy again. And to the health food store. For almond creme and chocolate.

Back home I managed to clean with lots of breaks in between. Did a load of laundry.

The boy and I had dinner in front of the TV watching Star Trek again.

Talked some more with my husband. This time we might have reached a sort of conclusion to his problem. Phew.

Went to bed early and vowed to do even better today.

There was talk of hiking to Andechs today maybe but two of us had the feeling that it was just too hot.

So if we’re staying at home I am planning the same things I always do.

Best thing about yesterday was that I managed to write 100 words on the novel. While vacuuming the annex I started to write the next story in my head. I really should finish the one I’m working on so that I can start that. It’s way more exciting, of course…

Hung up the laundry, started writing this post.

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