Aug 032018

I’d say that I could get used to doing nothing but I know that I can’t. It’s time to get going again.

I woke up and had breakfast and all the usual and knitted a bit on the mystery shawl.

My husband wanted to make Greek food at home and we cooked for almost two hours:

IMG 1639

That’s pasta with tomato sauce (tomatoes from our garden), meatballs, red beet salad (red beets from our garden, salad made from scratch and eggplant creme (eggplant from the yard as well). And then it was so hot that I didn’t really want to eat anything, something that doesn’t happen to me often.

And then I went out, bought a bag of gummy bears and ate it all. I did bribe the boy with more gummy bears and he finally agreed to empty the wastepaper baskets in his room. He said that the recycling made him all nostalgic, seems there were Christmas candy wrappers in there still. I suggested emptying the baskets weekly from now on. We’ll see how that goes.

Then I hung around knitting and reading and trying to make myself shower, practice or write to no avail until it was time for the first webinar of the day about developing a daily writing habit.

IMG 1640

Just before the thing started it occurred to me that I already have a daily writing habit. Ahem. I am writing here on this blog daily and have been doing so for almost a year now. Duh.

I did get a lot of fiber carded so it wasn’t a waste.

Then I wanted to finally take a shower but my husband’s student showed up at the wrong time and I didn’t want to risk getting caught in my bathrobe in the hallway.

I sat around knitting and reading and elevating my foot and then it was time for the second webinar about kicking your inner critic to the curb. Also not all that helpful to me.

Then the boy and I watched some Star Trek and had dinner, then my husband wanted to talk at length as I was trying to wind down for bedtime and then I went to bed slightly too late.

I am hoping for today because today everything will be better. Of course.

I will finally take that shower, then go to the doctor again because I think I need more antibiotics. I’d like to clean the house because not cleaning it last week is showing and I don’t like it. We’ll be going out for lunch all three of us.

My husband is teaching this afternoon again and I will try to finally get my projects going, at least a little.

It is rather hot, though, and that makes things somewhat harder.

No gummy bears today.

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