Aug 012018

So yesterday I got up early after not enough sleep, had breakfast, walked with my husband, took a shower, ironed my skirt and went off to Munich. I left the whole pile of dishes from dinner and lunch for my husband. (Spoiler, they were still all there with more added in the evening but it was him who did them eventually.)

I met with Eliandhra and we had a great day. Sat in a café knitting, walked around (we did try to keep in the shade and I had planned a route that went along the Isar river a lot):

IMG 1635

We went to a beer garden for Weißwurst for lunch (non-alcoholic beer for me because of the antibiotic):

IMG 1637

Walked some more, went to a yarn shop as one does and then I went back home again because I had to teach another student.

Watched some Star Trek with the boy and went to bed slightly exhausted.

Today there will be the going to the dentist to get a cavity filled, and the teaching of more students and otherwise I’m planning to just sit there with my feet up in a cool room.

And then I’ll make a plan for August.


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