Jul 302018

And here’s the new episode:


  • Crochet blanket for the boy: only a little more
  • Color Pooling Cowl: frogged and started again
  • Green Polwarth unplied and replied
  • Purple Nube: done
  • Green merino silk: a little more
  • Brown Ashford Merino on my Little Gem: ca. 390 grams spun for Cria
  • Merino/silk for Gloamin-Tide MKAL: done
  • Burgundy merino on the Bosworth Mini

Project Wardrobe:

  • Nope

What I talked about in the last nine episodes:

  1. Looking back, seven years and 100 episodes
  2. Unfinished spindle projects
  3. Spätzle, Brez’n and sewing blogs
  4. Why planning is always the most fun
  5. Why UFOs become UFOs
  6. When is it time to say goodbye to a hobby?
  7. A new crazy spinning project
  8. Minimalism and Project Wardrobe
  9.  Tour de Fleece 2018

Also mentioned:

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