Jul 292018

This is starting to become a habit.

I didn’t get enough sleep and my foot was hurting so I didn’t go for a run and basically spent the day sitting around with my foot elevated and iced periodically.

I had more cake for breakfast (and now it’s all gone):

IMG 1627

My new purse arrived and I really like it but it only has one measly inside pocket and none on the outside. I might have to sew something to hold all my small stuff:

IMG 1628

The leather is really soft and nice and it is definitely big enough for what I need. I’ll keep it.

There was chili for lunch:

IMG 1629

And leftover champagne. I spent all afternoon lounging around on the easy chair watching the Tour, occasionally spinning a little.

Then I spent the evening sitting there even longer and watching Star Trek with the boy. We had potato chips and licorice for dinner.

I went to bed early. I did not work on the podcast, sorry, that will take some more time.

I did go to bed on time, at least.

Today I will do nothing some more. Also get the podcast ready for publishing. And watch the final stage of the Tour. While spinning.

Exciting, isn’t it?

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