Jul 252018

I fell asleep around the end of the webinar, woke up when it was over and brushed my teeth.

Interestingly I slept very well that night and only woke up from the alarm.

My last student rescheduled and all in all lessons were moved around. We have to accommodate all the summer festivities that everybody has to attend. The boy’s school’s summer thing will be tomorrow.

Then I decided to go to the health food store before going for my run. Which turned out to be a good idea because my infected foot – that had almost been well already – has been acting up again and walking hurt. So I decided against running 5k in shoes that press on the infected area. This is getting ridiculous.

So I sat and watched the Tour before lunch and spun a little. Then I helped to make lunch:

IMG 1599

Tomato rice, fried zucchini and fried zucchini blossoms filled with cream cheese and olives. My husband said that one of the zucchini plants seems to produce nothing but blossoms. (There are male and female zucchini blossoms. The female ones produce zucchini, the male ones don’t.) We had to open a bottle of wine because we needed the for the batter. Of course.

Started teaching, had a break that I used to do the dishes and watch some more cycling. Taught some more.

Retreated to bed to elevate and ice my foot and wrote more words. Writing more is actually de-stressing me.

Went to bed on time.

Today there will be running (I hope) and cooking (my husband has been threatening to make lasagna) and a little teaching. I want to prepare the podcast. And in the evening I’ll ride my bike to Munich for a meeting in a pub.

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