Jul 212018

Woke up early, failed to write, breakfast.

The boy overslept but I did wake him up just in time that he could still have a quick breakfast and go to school on time regardless.

My husband was up early.

I managed to clean most of the house while he was out running, then we made the traditional pizza:

IMG 1579

By the way this was what the kitchen looked afterwards:

IMG 1580

Half my students canceled so I had enough time to clean all of that up. I even sang a bit and played the piano. Maybe things are looking up.

Then I sat and spun while watching the Tour, taught some students and watched some more.

Had leftover pizza for dinner and watched some shows with the boy. We finished the IT crowd and had trouble finding a good substitute.

I finally wrote a little. An went to bed on time.

Today there will be a long run and more spinning and watching TV. The boy is actually meeting friends in Munich for a change.

I’m really looking forward to a weekend with no obligations aside from canning a few cucumbers.

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