Jul 182018

Nothing bad, really, only feeling a little stressed.

I don#t say that often but there are just so many small things I need to take care of, and some big ones too.

Woke up early, and promptly forgot to take my thyroid medication for half an hour.

Made breakfast and set out everything for my husband to make muesli – including frozen blueberries – even though I had taken care the night before to get some bread ready for his breakfast. Mind you, all of that I did after getting enough sleep. (My husband eats muesli for breakfast on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and bread or cake on all the other days.)

We talked a bit about what we want to do in August during summer break. Let’s just say that it is a very long list.

I had started to prepare yet another podcast (but didn’t finish). The DS that I took apart is still lying around on my desk – in parts. We’ll see how many of the screws will still be there when I finally have time to try and put it together again. I did manage to write for ten minutes and twenty seconds just after breakfast which resulted in 288 words.

I went running.

IMG 1562

7.2 kilometers. This is me almost at the halfway point:

IMG 1563

Came back and turned around immediately to get some more cream for the boy’s eczema.

When I came back home the boy was coming home from school early (and declared that he’d take a nap, something he never does) and my husband was coming back from his run.

Then I peeled potatoes and we cooked lunch against the clock. Semi-successful. We did make lunch in time but my husband had to skip his nap. Dinner was delicious, though:

IMG 1564

Then I did the dishes with the boy’s help, and got ready for teaching. I had a list of things I wanted to do before than but I only managed to do one. Which turned out okay because I needed that sheet music for the second lesson of the day. I did not get around to preparing something for the piano student who gets 15 minutes extra each week until I have served my time, um, made up for all the lessons she couldn’t take because she was away with school for four weeks.

And I didn’t manage to copy some more music for another student but when I looked for it during her lesson I found a song that is much better and that she really loved. So I’m calling that a win.

Last student was late because of traffic so I worked a little longer than usual, and then it was time for the monthly webinar with Orna Ross:

IMG 1566

Then my husband wanted to talk and I wrote in my bullet journal and tried to write some more with limited success but managed to go to bed almost on time.

Today there will be more running and my dental cleaning and only very few students but hopefully I will be able to record the next English podcast episode.


Ten more days until summer break.

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