Jul 152018

I tried sleeping in but woke up early again, as usual.

So I had a rather tired day yesterday.

Got up, had breakfast, went running:

IMG 1553

Only 5k. It was nice but I didn’t have the energy I wanted because of not sleeping enough, I guess.

Then I started watching the Tour right away, and there were leftovers with a big, fresh salad:

IMG 1556

It still seems like a marvel to eat all this green stuff this fresh. And it tastes incredible.

Then I spun and watched and tried writing a little (and I did write but only very little) and then it was time to meet my friend.

We met in Munich and walked halfway through the city while talking. There was a big thunderstorm and we waited for a while until it was not quite as wet. My friend hadn’t taken a raincoat. I did have one which was good. And I had to take a different purse so I could fit it in, and I ended up taking the black purse that is disintegrating, and so I had little bits of black fake leather everywhere for the rest of the day. I think I’ll throw that purse away today. It is no longer fit to be used.

We took a bus back to where we started because it was still raining and ended up in one of my favorite restaurants.

I was home pretty early but then proceeded to talk to my husband for an hour and read for an hour so I went to bed late again.

Didn’t get enough sleep again. Funny that.

Today there will be more watching of the Tour while spinning and watching of the World Cup and then maybe even more watching something with the boy.

It feels a little weird to have a day mapped out where I will watch TV all day. I don’t do this often, though.

I also have a list of other things I want to get done, we’ll se how that goes.

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