Jul 092018

Apart from the non-writing this was a very good day.

Woke up at 6.30, had breakfast, decided not to write. (Bad decision.)

Talked with my husband, folded laundry, helped making lunch (barbecue today).

IMG 1524

Multi-cultural lunch: tabbouleh, hamburgers, bratwurst and Merlot.

And then I spent all afternoon in front of the TV watching the Tour.

IMG 1525

Here’s a complimentary picture of the hydrangea in the garden (I took it for my mother who gave it to me 18 years ago.):

IMG 1523

And about half an hour later I watched some more TV with the boy.

I did manage to make some deodorant and did a load of laundry but that was basically it.

I did spin a lot, though, about 50 grams of fiber so tomorrow I can ply that and then I only have 50 more grams to spin to complete all the yarn for the mystery KAL.

IMG 1526

Oh, and I almost finished knitting clue 2.

Did manage to go to bed on time which is very good.

Today I will run and teach and do all the usual things.

This week will just be absolutely packed.

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