Jul 062018

Basically it’s typical for July but totally different from usual.

My first mistake was not writing after breakfast. I felt really low on energy and didn’t have a lot of time and I thought that I would have quite a bit of time after lunch. You should have seen the to do-list I had. It was a thing of beauty.

Of course I ended up not doing any of it.

I actually tried making the dentist appointment that I had been procrastinating about for three months but I only got voice mail.

The I went grocery shopping and then I helped making chili:

IMG 1512

Then I talked to the boy about electric shavers, did the dishes with his help, ordered one and went to the bank with the boy to withdraw the money for said shaver from his savings account.

Hung up laundry and was just in time for teaching.

The apricots I bought to make jam from are currently sitting int eh fridge because I didn’t have time to take care of them.

After teaching it was time to watch the opening ceremonies for the Tour de France and spin:

IMG 1513

And then I sat down and read a new book until I went to bed too late. Only a little. But still.

Today there will be cleaning and helping to make pizza from scratch and dealing with apricots and maybe some music and hopefully some writing and spinning.

I did manage to wind the newly spun yarn into a ball so I will be able to continue knitting on the mystery shawl.

And then the weekend.

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