Jul 032018

But then I’m always recalibrating.

Of course I had planned to write first thing in the morning, and of course I didn’t. But I started right after breakfast which is good.

Then I decided to go for a run despite my foot because I just couldn’t stand the thought of sitting around all day. It was warmer than I had thought but running went well:

IMG 1502

IMG 1503

We had planned to eat leftovers for lunch with a few meatballs thrown in. Then my husband went into the garden and came out with.a pile of stuff including zucchini blossoms.

We cooked for an hour and sat at the table eating long enough that the boy had to leave his stuffed pepper half-eaten on the table in order to be back at school on time:

IMG 1504

That is the rest of the pita I baked yesterday, stuffed vine leaves, fried zucchini blossoms and fried rucola, tsatsiki, bean salad and boiled eggs. And white wine. Not in the picture is the feta, meatballs, leftover pasta with tomato sauce and leftover stuffed bell pepper with rice. Have a picture of the actual meal after heaps of starters:IMG 1506

Guess who still has a ton of leftovers?

Then I took a shower and did a massive washing up before hurrying straight to teaching.

In the evening I spun and wrote some more and went to bed on time for a change.

Today there will be running again and al the usual and maybe a few errands. And then all teaching all the time from 2 until 7 without a break. I better get my writing in early because I’m pretty sure I won’t write anything at the end of a day like that.

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