Jun 302018

Woke up from the alarm which usually is a sign that I got to bed a little late.

Then no writing or anything and making breakfast a little late. Still within normal tolerances, though.

I knew that my husband would be up earlier than usual so still no writing. (Yeah, there’s a theme here.)

I did start knitting the first clue of Ysolda’s mystery knit along, and it did go very well. The thing is that I wanted to do all.the.things in the morning but then I got hooked on the knitting and that meant I started a little too late.

And then I got off kilter because we were planning to go out for lunch.

That would usually mean that the whole day would go sideways with me totally cranky and nothing done at the end of it.


I did recover. I skipped washing my hair, did a quick surface cleaning and was done with most of the things when it was time to go out.

Lunch was great with my husband and the boy, only there were only two waiters in the place instead of three and it was hopping, especially with people ordering takeout so we had to wait more than fifteen minutes before we could get our bill.

But we were early enough that there was still some time left before my first student.

I used the break between students to cut the video for the podcast and uploaded that while I was teaching.

Then I waited for an hour for the boy who was rather late for his piano lesson.

And then we watched loads of Netflix while I was spinning.

And then to bed. A little too late because the boy took a shower at the time that I would have liked getting ready for bed. Pity. But I did write 400 words while I was waiting, so that was good.

Today will be busy as well, I am planning an 8 k run and a lot of spinning and writing and then I will ride my bike 6 k to a summer party.

I am really looking forward to it.

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