Jun 262018

Unfortunately the red currant jam didn’t set properly. That always happens despite me doing everything the way I should. So I hope that I will remember for next year and change something.

Woke up early after no enough sleep. Did actually manage to write about 100 words after breakfast.

Then I went and bought sugar for jam-making and chocolate and minced meat as one does. After that I ran:

IMG 1472

IMG 1474

Running went pretty well. I helped making lunch, we had capellini with homemade pesto and a salad. I didn’t take a picture because I forgot.

Then I started cleaning sour cherries. After two hours of that it was time to teach my students.

Then more cherries.

No more writing because by then I was so tired that I was feeling cold all over and unable to focus.

I did manage to go to bed a little earlier, so that’s good.

Today there will be jam-making, a short run, teaching – including a knitting lesson for one of my guitar students) and a new ukulele student – and a little more writing than the last few days.

This week is a little full. But at least my mood is better.

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  1. Du kannst das Gelee nochmal mit “Gelfix” aufkochen, dann dickt das gut an ohne mehr Zucker zuzufügen oder fürs nächste Jahr Zitrone/Orange oder Apfelpektin zufügen

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