Jun 252018

Of course I woke up rather early again which made me thoroughly sleep-deprived.

And then I basically spent most of the day reading, one novella and three quarters of a novel and about half a non-fiction book. Well, it was a very short non-fiction book, only 75 pages.

We decided not to go to the beer garden after all because it was cold and windy and gray. So we had pork cutlets and mashed potatoes and cucumbers from the garden:

IMG 1467

Which was very good.

Then I procrastinated and read some more and then I finally managed to make the red currant jam I had wanted to make all day:

IMG 1469

And then it was time to watch something with the boy and then I watched some more Netflix while spinning and then it was time for bed.

What about the writing you ask? Which writing?

Went to bed a little late but it was still okay-ish.

Yeah, not all that good. I’m hoping to do better starting today.

Today there will be running and teaching and preparing the sour cherries my husband picked today to make cherry jam tomorrow. It’s a little weird, this year everything is about a month earlier than usual.

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