Jun 242018

Got up a little later than usual and my husband got up half an hour earlier than usual, so no writing in the morning. I did have time enough, I only was grumpy that my routines were disturbed. If I can call something I do twice per week a routine.

I went running, 8k, and the run went well (slow as always) but I was totally hung up on feeling depressed. From beginning to end which is no fun. But. Good rung anyways:

IMG 1463

Then we had Moqueca de Peixe for lunch, very yummy. Still depressed.

I ordered more spinning fiber because I decided to not use the red yarn I had spun in the wrong direction in the shawl.

Then I basically sat around feeling sorry for myself and reading. My husband brought me the red currants that are ripe and I cleaned them for two hours. There are a lot of re currants.

I made red currant juice, watched the really thrilling soccer match, Germany versus Sweden, while spinning and went to bed too late.

IMG 1466

So today I want to write more than zero words. Should be doable. And while I am not really looking forward to making red currant jam I will do it anyway, and I will spin some more.

Maybe we will go to a beergarden for lunch, that depends on various things and the weather. We’ll see.

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