Jun 192018

So that went well. I hope I can reproduce this.

I did forget to take my thyroid medication first thing but then I just took it a little later and waited thirty minutes before having breakfast – no big deal.

After breakfast I meditated a bit and then I wrote a bit, I talked with my husband and knitted, and then I went running. The run went rather well, I think the cooler weather was agreeing with me:

IMG 1452

Then I took a shower, helped to make lunch, and for once we didn’t forget that the boy has an earlier lunch break on Mondays:IMG 1453

There was ample time to read a little and do my singing warmup before my first student and then I taught all afternoon. I had a couple of breaks where I kept writing.

After my last student left I decided to go to the health food store so that today will go more smoothly.

Did that, played the piano, spun for an hour.

Did the dishes and went to bed early with a book. Very good.

Today there will be a very short run and some teaching. I am hoping to write some more. I can see the finish line from here already.

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