Jun 162018

For once I actually did manage to write after breakfast, and immediately the day felt much better.

Did the usual cleaning, helped to make pizza (no picture, sorry), got the podcast ready for publishing, had lunch, published the podcast, left the dishes, taught my students, and in between I started to research what to do about eczema. The poor boy has been having it on his hands for a while now, and I had been showering him with cremes and lotions and the stern order to apply said cremes and lotions often but he went from itchy to bloody to better and back over and over.

Now I have wanted to make a doctor’s appointment for him but he doesn’t want to go to his old doctor because he isn’t a child anymore and he is not quite old enough to go to a new practice where he has never been before on his own. My husband and I have been using a friend as our GP who doesn’t see patients anymore, he just does colposcopies and such. It is a bit of a dilemma. So I found out that there is a creme we haven’t tried yet and I’m hoping that that will help. Also that he will actually apply it. It’s a bit tricky because he hates the feeling of creme on his skin and as soon as he is feeling slightly better he will stop using it and then the whole thing will start over.

So I ordered a pair of cotton gloves for him so he will be able to put creme on his hands without leaving it everywhere, and went to the pharmacy for the new creme right after my last student left.

Then the boy and I watched some Netflix while eating the rest of the pizza and then I spun a bit.

I still had all the dishes to wash afterwards, including two baking sheets.

And then I wrote some more.

Today there will be running and writing and spinning and that will be about it.

Oh, and that issue with my Fitbit got resolved, apparently, last night someone posted in the forum that he could access his apps and clock faces again and, voilà, so could I. So I now have a spiffy new to-do-list on my watch.

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  1. If I would expect the doctor to be really helpful I would force him to go. In the end he is not adult and Kinderärzte are used to clients up to twenty. (If I remember right, the last time I went to my Kinderarzt was when I was studying and got an injury. And had no doctor for adults. Afterwards I looked for one).
    Well, thinking and writing here: let him go there – and hopefully the doctor will send him to a specialist!
    Gute Besserung (and have you considered food allergies?)

    • If I would think that the doctor would be really helpful I would probably force him to go there, and yes, I know that pediatricians are used to having patients be almost adult.

      I would like him to see a dermatologist some time anyway because he has other issues as well.

      Right now he has started to take the creme and it is looking better already.

      He has been on the verge of neurodermatitis all his life so that isn’t anything new. He did wash his hands too often a few months ago and has been having these issues since. If he just applied creme diligently the whole thing would have been gone away already. It’s pretty hard to force a fifteen-year-old to do something.

      According to the doctors he isn’t allergic to anything he does have sensitive skin, though, and reacts to a variety of skin care products. That is not a problem, though, because we know what he can use.

      And no, I don’t think it’s food allergies because it’s so clearly tied to him washing his hands all the time.

  2. Baumwollhandschuhe helfen mir sehr, wenn es um eingecremte Hände geht (und solange man nicht gerade ein schnelles Spiel spielt, kann man damit auch DS oder Playstation spielen 😉 ). In schlimmen Phasen gehe ich damit ins Bett, dann kann die Creme die ganze Nacht einwirken und im Schlaf stört mich das Gefühl auch nicht. Mir hat es ja geholfen die Seife zu wechseln. Seitdem ich vor allem Milchseifen verwende, beschweren sich meine Hände nur noch bei Bedingungen, die auch für jeden anderen herausfordernd wären.

    • Das mit der Milchseife ist eine gute Idee (das Kind hat allerdings Milchseife wegen des Geruchs kategorisch abgelehnt; ich bin zuversichtlich, dass ich trotzdem eine passende Seife finden kann).

      Das mit den Baumwollhandschuhen hatte ich schon ewig vor, wollte aber immer im Drogeriemarkt schauen, habe dann nichts gefunden, war dann wieder unschlüssig und so weiter.

      Seine Hände sehen schon ein bisschen besser aus mit der neuen Salbe.

      • Wenn er den Geruch nicht mag, kannst du es auch mit Buttermilch-Seife (mit einem milden Duft) versuchen. Meine Ausweichseife, wenn ich mal etwas mehr Duft haben möchte, ist Buttermilch-Zitrone. Die ist nicht ganz so gut zur Haut wie die eine unparfümierte Milchseife, aber besser als die meisten anderen.

        • Oh, und nochmal zur Milchseife: Meine riecht zwar nicht so schön als Seifenstück, aber nach dem Waschen bleibt keinerlei Duft an den Händen. Wenn er also Angst haben sollte, dass seine Hände nach dem Waschen unangenehm riechen, kann ich ihm versichern, dass das zumindest bei meiner Quelle nicht der Fall ist. So geruchsempfindlich wie ich bin, würde ich die sonst auch nur schwer benutzen können.

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