Jun 132018

For the second time in a row I managed to actually write from 8 to 8.30. Only thing that I’m not happy with is that that resulted in very few words. There was a lot o reading what I wrote before and thinking to be done.

I had hoped to write more later in the day but that didn’t go as planned.

I went to the tea shop and to the nearer grocery store. I helped to make another wonderful lunch, Greek salad again, this time with lamb burgers:

IMG 1430

I did make a little music as well, and taught my students.

Then the day went a little off plan, the repaired balcony is still spewing water over the sides. We weren’t able to figure out why, though, and now we’re stumped.

And then I waited and waited and waited for the boy to come down for piano practice and dinner, and for my 9 o’clock webinar to start.

Went to bed too late.

This will be a low-energy-day, I bet.

There will be running and teaching and music and writing. And a whole lot of rain.

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