Jun 092018

I had set my alarm half an hour earlier because I thought I’d spend the first hour of my day writing.

Yeah, not so much.

I did manage some words after breakfast, though, which was a good start.

It was one of those slightly insane days where I put everything in my calendar:

9.30 to 11: clean house,

11 to 11.30 cross train,

11.30 to 12: take a shower, fold laundry

12 to 12,30: write,

12.30 to 13.00: make pizza,

13 to 13.30: have lunch,

13.30 to 13.45: do dishes,

13.45: be ready for student to be fifteen minutes early. (She was ten minutes early, so we started early and finished earlier as well. But I have to say that somebody who is fifteen to ten minutes early every time for the first lesson of the day which is supposed to start at 2, right after lunch, is a little irritating. I get it that parents tell their children to leave a little early so that they aren’t late but that means lunch on Fridays is rather hectic around here. The boy usually gets home around 1.30 and fifteen minutes later the student is ringing the bell. Meh. Second student was early as well.)

And, same as usual, I started later than I thought I would, and then I started researching something publishing related (I saw that webinar the night before and was starting to make something like a business plan for my writing which is a little funny.) and then my husband wanted to talk to me, and then I did clean but I wasn’t finished before my husband got back from running but fortunately he didn’t mind waiting a little until he could take a shower, and then I skipped the cross training and then I skipped the writing, and then I was just tired and exhausted, and then I did my toenails, and then a student didn’t show up and I didn’t make use of that time but just sat there doing nothing.

Pizza today was spectacular, if I say so myself (I made it) and I totally forgot to take a picture.

Teaching was nice but a bit much and then the boy and I started watching Star Trek early because there was a soccer match on at seven that my husband wanted to watch.

And I had high hopes of getting a little writing done before going to bed but then I baked a cake (that burned slightly, but shh, don’t tell anyone) and then I decided to get ready for bed.

So. I did a lot and I’m happy about that but then I really wanted to write more new words. Not enough, though, because otherwise I would have.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be pretty busy again because I need to go running early (Saturday is still my long run day.) and then take a shower and then get ready for spinning meeting on time, and have lunch around 11.30 because otherwise I won’t be on time. My weather app tells me that tomorrow will be another day of thunderstorms so I’ll probably take the bus. But we’ll see. Thunderstorms are a little hard to predict.

My husband will go to a birthday party. I was invited but doing the spinning meeting and that party on the same day wouldn’t be the best thing for me. So I’ll probably spend the evening with the boy.

I’m looking forward to that.

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