Jun 062018

One would think that writing is the worst thing in the world. (Well it is. If I haven’t written. If I have I usually feel rather giddy and sleep like a log.)

I woke up early, decided to start the day with writing and instead checked email and instagram. Yes, this is a stupid habit. I should break it.

Then I had breakfast, and read a little and went online some more and played some games on my iPad as one does after breakfast (shush, my dragons need to be fed). And then I go almost discombobulated because the boy was starting school 45 minutes later than usual which meant he came down for breakfast basically the minutes I had finished meditating and thought to myself that it would be a good thing to write now.

Just before he went out the door my husband showed up for his breakfast.

We talked and I knitted and then I did the dishes and the I waited for the wood delivery for an hour or so. Of course one can’t write when waiting for something. Clearly.

The wood came around 10.30 and then we spent an hour stacking wood. In the heat. Fun workout.

Then there was just enough time to go and get my ID that has been ready for a week. So there went another thirty minutes. Then I sat down and waited for my husband to start cooking so I could help.

Helped with making lunch, ate lunch:

IMG 1404

Sat with the boy while he was eating lunch a little later. Did the dishes, started folding laundry.

Waited for my first student because, clearly, twenty minutes aren’t worth it to start writing. Of course.

Taught students. Had an unexpected thirty minutes off but had to make a phone call first and then check email, and of course, twenty minutes aren’t really long enough to start writing. Also, I was waiting for my new sleep and fitness tracker.

Used my usual 15-minute break to print new grocery lists.

Taught some more.

Procrastinated some more.

Found that my tracker had been delivered, and went to find it.

Set the tracker up.

Started writing this post.

Packed my whole stuff together and moved myself back to the apartment.

Got ready for bed.

Decided that I was way too tired for writing, went to bed early.

So, not the most productive of days. I’m hoping to do better today.

Today there will be running and teaching quite a few students and definitely more writing than yesterday.

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