Jun 052018

I slept well after finally getting some writing done the day before and jumped out of bed, ready for the day.

The boy was grumpy, he didn’t want to go back to school at all.

I went running somewhat early because I also wanted to go grocery shopping as well. Today we will get a big delivery of wood for the stove for next winter, and so I won’t know how much time there will be in the morning. We need to stack the wood as well.

So I ran and took a few pictures:

IMG 1400

IMG 1401

IMG 1402

Why yes, it was rather hot.

Went to the health food store and rode my bike to the big supermarket. I seem to have almost cracked that one, I even found the capers.

I didn’t help much with lunch, I only had to grate parmesan. This is a family favorite meal, pasta e fagioli:

IMG 1403

Did the dishes, took a shower, die my singing warmup, taught a few students, and then wanted to write but didn’t.

Attended a webinar. Wrote some and managed to go to bed on time.

I’d say that was a good day.

Today there will be the wood delivery and about three more packages, teaching in the afternoon, and more writing – I hope.

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