Jun 042018

Woke up rather early and had breakfast. Then I went to the bakery to get some pastries for my husband and son for breakfast. They both get up later than me. And I don’t eat pastries for breakfast anymore because they make me feel bad around 11 am.

My husband and I talked, and then the boy had breakfast, and then I thought about getting a new sleep tracker/fitness tracker again. Because the company that made the one I’m using now has gone out of business. And so ask my stats are gone. So I thought about getting a Fitbit but those are pricey. I could ask to get one for my birthday but my birthday won’t be for two months.

I could also stop obsessing about data and tracking and just sleep and walk and live without that thing.

I helped my husband make pizza for lunch and we had wonderful wine again:

IMG 1398

The wine was rich and dark and fruity and really great. Even the boy liked it. (Don’t worry, he just had a small sip. He still doesn’t really want to drink.)

Then I left the dishes and watched the Tour de Dauphiné-Prologue.

And then I procrastinated about writing yet again. Fun!

It took me about three hours to get about one hour of writing done. But at least I did write. And much more than I did all week. Butt in chair really works.

Then we had pizza for dinner as well (it doesn’t really taste good reheated the next day), and some more of that fabulous wine and then I had to wait for the boy to finish taking his shower until I could finally do the mountain of dishes.

Went to bed a little later than I wanted.

Today will be the first day of school and teaching again. Medium amount of students. Running. The usual.

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